Initiatives and Activities

  • Three conferences are held each year with international participants. Public Transportation experts, Smart Ticketing and ePayment specialists meet to discuss the mobility of tomorrow, make the acquaintance of new electronic systems for public transportation in order to drive forward the developments and discuss the preconditions for the practical application. Pooling expertise and cooperating beyond corporate boundaries makes it easier to find quick solutions.
  • Kontiki is a dynamic, multidisciplinary network, bringing together the public transportation specialists and executives from all fields of the interoperable and multimodal mobility and electronic distribution. Highly topical subjects are presented during the Forums.
  • Kontiki conferences offer the unique opportunity for in-depth personal communication and knowledge transfer.
  • Kontiki campaigns for new academic results and a forward-looking approach in Smart Ticketing and sales and annually awards the ))Kontiki eTicket Prize)) for outstanding thesis to young academics and researchers.
  • Kontiki regularly provides information about the results of important international standardization regimes, i.e., ISO, CEN, etc. The presentation of new national and international standards forms an important basis for the practice-related orientation of activities. 
  • Cooperation with important transport industry committees, the financial services industry, data protection and political authorities is expanding constantly.
  • Kontiki is a member of UITP. Kontiki members contribute to the development of a product- and system-neutral European platform for interoperable and multimodal mobility.
  • Kontiki is represented at all significant events on the topic of mobility and public transportation by way of member participation.
  • There are regular news and articles about Kontiki’s conferences and other activities in specialist media and newsletters.




UITP1) = Union Internationale des Transports Publics
= The Transport Card Forum, London
InformNorden Community
= Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden
= International Standardization Organization
5) = Comité Européen de Normalisation/European Committee for Standardization