Kontiki - Tasks and Goals

The Kontiki Working Group in Contactless Smart Card Systems for Electronic Ticketing e.V. was founded in Dresden in March 1998. The association was created to promote wireless-based eTicketing, mobile ticketing, and electronic fare management systems in public transport. Kontiki takes a multidisciplinary approach and thus has an integrated view of current topics and further wishes to achieve optimised framework conditions for EFM and (((eTicket Germany. Another goal is to promote acceptance of electronic fare management in transport companies and associations. Kontiki additionally makes the efficiency and benefits transparent to support the economic, organisational, sales, and technical aspects of using EFM. At the moment this is especially focussed on supporting transport companies and associations with the introduction of eTicketing and/or migration to EFM and promotion of innovations in technology and sales. Kontiki members work together to find sustainable answers to the challenges that public transport must manage in today’s information society. Kontiki offers open discussions about the various missions and prospective solutions. Development of what is economically desirable and yet remains sound in implementation is promoted by dialogue and exchange of specialised knowledge within the Kontiki network.

Kontiki offers a multidisciplinary platform for all EFM participants. The various differing interests and heterogenic member structure has been an important factor in Kontiki’s success since its founding. Kontiki offers the space for intensive technical discussions, supports results-oriented, practical, and effective electronic fare management development. Kontiki contributes to the optimisation of EFM processes and procedures in constant dialogue with members and conference participants from transport companies and associations, from researchers, industry representatives, the banking and credit sector, consulting companies, and political authorities for public transport. The process is consistently focussed on remaining neutral regarding systems and products. The future prospects of EFM are repeatedly brought up as topics during Kontiki conferences and forums, trends are analysed, and future developments are discussed. Kontiki connects people who have the further development of public transportation as their goal and transmits new knowledge and experiences that work towards balanced economic growth and up-to-date, customer-oriented public transport.