61. Kontiki-Conference Dresden
march, 15th-16th 2018

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61th Kontiki Conference


Welcome to Kontiki

KONTIKI – the industry’s most interesting network for eTicketing, mobile ticketing, and EFM (interoperable electronic fare management) in Public Transport

Kontiki is a non-profit organisation with international members. Passengers, transport companies and associations, researchers, political authorities for public transport, industry representatives, the banking and credit sector, and consulting companies work together in order to promote electronic fare management systems based on wireless media. Kontiki is conceived as a product- and system-neutral platform for eTicketing and interoperable electronic fare management.   more


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61. Kontiki-Conference Dresden
March, 15th – 16th 2018





Kontiki Conferences 


  • 61. Kontiki-Conference Dresden
    March, 15nd – 16nd 2018
  • 62. Kontiki-Conference Münster
    June, 7th – 8th 2018